Wedding Themes – Rustic Wedding (Navy Blue and Marsala)

          Rustic theme is popular and classy wedding trend that works with almost any season from bright summer days to the cozy winter nights. It is easy to style and looks amazing on your weddings pictures as well.


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You can complement this rustic theme by selecting a beautiful barn venue that can add a wow factor to your dream wedding. With a natural feel, beautiful settings and neutral color palettes Your Big Day will be mesmerizing. Twinkle your venue with some romantic, subtle lighting wrapped around the tall beams – they will surely turn your barn wedding theme into a magic.


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Moreover, tree logs, barrels, candles, apple crates, burlap bunting and mason jars are some of the props you can use to style your rustic themed wedding. They are not expensive, so there is no need to concern about the budget. There is something unique about a rustic wedding that feels little more fun, laid back and relaxed. For the best result, make sure to keep the furnishing neutral and natural in color. Add some navy blue, Marsala / burgundy and brown – they will compliment your theme and make it more sophisticated!


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Getting married? I am sure this rustic wedding theme will be your great inspiration!

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