If you live in Los Angeles area (speciffically West Hollywod)
and always wanted to check out our jewelry in person, here’s your chance!

Thanks to wonderful Ursula Lyon and Michelle Reeves from The Accessory Junkie, you’ll be able to see, touch
and, what’s most important, buy our jewelry at their exclusive pop-up show!

photo courtesy of The Accessory Junkie; www.theaccessoryjunkie.com

Along with our hand-embroidered pieces, you will find there around 600-800 handmade items,
such as stunning jewelry, and accessories from designers from all over the world
(Venezuela, Israel, Brazil, Australia, to name a few).

Don’t wait and clear out your schedule for 23th – 25th of August!
E-mail amazing Ladies from The Accessory Junkie at hello@theaccessoryjunkie.com to RSVP
and to get to know the exclusive location of the event!

Read more about the event at LA Times website HERE.

Below the photo of a few our jewelry pieces you’ll be able to check out there.

Can’t wait to see you!

          Rustic theme is popular and classy wedding trend that works with almost any season from bright summer days to the cozy winter nights. It is easy to style and looks amazing on your weddings pictures as well.


left: HappyWedd.com | center: MelissaJill.com | right: RusticWeddingChic.com

You can complement this rustic theme by selecting a beautiful barn venue that can add a wow factor to your dream wedding. With a natural feel, beautiful settings and neutral color palettes Your Big Day will be mesmerizing. Twinkle your venue with some romantic, subtle lighting wrapped around the tall beams – they will surely turn your barn wedding theme into a magic.


left: GreyLikesWeddings.com | center: Beau-coup.com | right:  RockMyWedding.co.uk

Moreover, tree logs, barrels, candles, apple crates, burlap bunting and mason jars are some of the props you can use to style your rustic themed wedding. They are not expensive, so there is no need to concern about the budget. There is something unique about a rustic wedding that feels little more fun, laid back and relaxed. For the best result, make sure to keep the furnishing neutral and natural in color. Add some navy blue, Marsala / burgundy and brown – they will compliment your theme and make it more sophisticated!


left: SaboDesignOfficial.com | center: BubamaraDesigns

Getting married? I am sure this rustic wedding theme will be your great inspiration!

Soutache jewelry is becoming more and more popular in the last few years. But what is it exactly? How do you pronounce it? Let me help you 🙂

Soutache embroidery is a aged embroidery technique, which was initially used for making decorative elements sewn on clothes. Name comes from french ‘soutache’ (pron. soo-tash), which means braid used to decorate cut fabric.


Today, artists and designers are using this method in making jewelry, belts and handbags. Soutache braids can be connected with gemstones, minerals, silver, crystals, glass and different beads. Using this method, amazing accessories can be made which are full of glamour and color, and has a regal royal presence. This kind of jewelry, although it has long history, became popular in the nineties through Israeli artist Dori Csengeri.


When you are looking at soutache jewelry you can refer wrong impression that soutache braids are glued with each other. In reality they are all sewn together with thin threads or special gimp.
Some artists glue the soutache braids together but in my opinion, there’s nothing more durable than pieces sewn carefully together by a thread. Thanks to this, my customers can enjoy their jewelry for many, many years.

Since the technique of soutache embroidery is so laborious, demanding and requires focused precision (some pieces can take up to several dozens hours), jewelry made with this method is very luxury and unique.


Welcome to my new website!

First of all I wanted to say how happy I am to finally have my own place in the Internet that I can call home.
I’ve came a long way to make this happen and I truly hope that future years will only bring more joy and successes.
I wanted to thank Kim from Whimsy Designs TN for making this happen. I will be always grateful for effort and time you put to create my website. You’re the best!

For all of you who don’t know me so well, let me introduce myself. My name is Dorota Kalicinska, I’m Polish jewelry designer currently living in beautiful island of Cyprus.
My biggest love is creating jewelry and accessories in technique of soutache embroidery. I specialize in bridal jewelry, statement earrings and colorful bracelets. These and many, many more will be added to my shop in following days. I’m the happiest while getting custom orders – it’s my biggest joy to create piece of jewelry that fits you perfectly. Feel free to contact me with any ideas – I will be excited to work with you.

I hope to see more and more of you. I can’t wait to get to know you better 🙂