About Me

My name is Dorota Kalicinska and I am a Los Angeles based Polish designer who specializes in statement hand-embroidered jewelry.

Soutache embroidery is the newest and hottest trend in jewelry design because it takes everything to a whole new level. By using traditional high quality materials, such as soutache braids, glass crystals, semi-precious stones or Japanese seed beads, I am able to create limitless possibilities to impress even the most sophisticated tastes. Every piece of jewelry is feather light which allows the user to wear it for the whole day without even noticing. In my shop you will find large variety of designs for every taste and every pocketbook.

My jewelry is proudly worn by customers in:
Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Indonesia, Israel, Kuwait, Lithuania, Poland, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Spain, United Kingdom and United States.

SOUTACHE EMBROIDERY is a aged embroidery technique, which was initially used for making decorative elements sewn on clothes. Name comes from french ‘soutache’, which means braid used to decorate cut fabric.

Today, artists and designers are using this method in making jewelry, belts and handbags. Soutache braids can be connected with gemstones, minerals, silver, crystals, glass and different beads. Using this method, amazing accessories can be made which are full of glamour and color, and has a regal royal presence. This kind of jewelry, although it has long history, became popular in the nineties through Israeli artist Dori Csengeri.

When you are looking at soutache jewelry you can refer wrong impression that soutache braids are glued with each other. In reality they are all sewn together with thin threads or special gimp.

Since the technique of soutache embroidery is so laborious, demanding and requires focused precision, jewelry made with this method is very luxurious and unique.